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Customer Guide of shopping cart

  • Pay the foreign product and domestic product together, separately pay the products by shopping cart.
  • You can put the foreign product in the domestic delivery shopping cart and move to the foreign delivery shopping cart to pay the foreign product.
  • If you want to change the amount of the selected product, just change the amount of the products and push the [Change] Button.
  • If you push [Go shopping] button to keep on shopping.
  • You can use the shopping cart and interested product to order your wanted product and enroll as interested product.

Interest-free installment

  • If you want to receive the interest-free installment benefit, select the interest-free installment products and push [order] button and order/pay.
  • Push [order total product] button and order/payment on all the selected products will be achieved.
  • If you order/pay total products, you cannot receive the interest-free installment benefit by product.