State tee [3colors]


-Basic T-shirt faithful to the basics
-Silhouette that fits the body moderately
- Create a flexible line with the seam behind the back instead of the side line
- Soft touch of cotton/modal blend material
-Ivory/Cream/Black 3 colors

[Editor's note]
We introduce a basic T-shirt that is easy to take out and wear for a long time with a design faithful to the basics and a comfortable fit.
Soft fabric mixed with cotton and modal maximizes the silhouette that falls beautifully along the body line, making it stand out even more when worn.
It is a good fabric to use as an inner for a jacket or coat, and its shape does not collapse even if it is alone.
It is highly recommended to those who are looking for basic items from basic to silhouette, fabric, and body-fitting silhouette.
After wearing the sample, it is recommended that you keep it as it is a T-shirt that was unconditionally put on the update list.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 56cm / Shoulder cross section 38cm
Chest 45cm / Sleeve 18cm
Armhole 19cm

*FABRIC cotton 57% + modal 38% + span 5%

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