Sienna leather jacket [fabric by ONLY FRANK]


[This product is made of lambskin from ONLY FRANK, an Italian leather production company]

-Leather jacket with a classic and feminine mood
- Soft and smooth Italian lambskin material
-Three-dimensional silhouette with big pockets
-Leather wrapped button detail
- Pleated leather hem
- A more classic mood with a flap design that covers the zipper
- Soft nylon lining

[Editor's note]
The first item of IN THE MOMENT, announcing spring, is a leather jacket made of Italian lambskin.
Among the leather jackets of many designs, it should have a feminine feel and not miss the classic look, and it should be an item that can be taken out and worn at any time without adhering to the trend even after a long time.
It is a design product that was selected with many aspects in mind, such as being able to be layered with winter items and being able to be stylish enough to be worn alone in spring.

The Sienna leather jacket is made of Italian lambskin, which is very soft and has a subtle luster, and the more you wear it for a long time, the more stylish the texture becomes over time.
In addition, the flap detail that covers the zipper, leather-wrapped button, and leather pleated hem instead of ribbed fabric are made with great care.

It is a just-fit outerwear designed for spring. In cold weather, it can be worn as an inner for a relaxed outerwear, or it can be worn alone in between seasons.
Please meet the well-made leather jacket, which has been carefully finished so that it is not cold to the touch with the inner lining.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total Length 53cm / Shoulder Section 46cm
Chest Section 49.5cm / Sleeve Length 55cm
armhole 22cm

Lambskin 100% (from Italy)

**Due to the nature of natural leather, there is a risk of migration during initial wear, so please be careful when matching bright clothing or bags.

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