Nut wool jacket [2colors]


-A handmade jacket with a classic design
- Thick and soft wool fabric
-Elegant silhouette with less friction
-Pocket details
-High quality nut buttons
-Viscous lining on the sleeve
-Beige/Charcoal 2 Colors

[Editor's note]
It's a handmade jacket made of high-quality wool that gives you a full sense of classicity.
The nut jacket, which offers low friction and volume fabric and an elegant handmade silhouette, adds viscous lining to the sleeves to create a more luxurious and pleasant fit and outfit.
With cozy fabric and loose silhouette, it can be styled in a wide season with a variety of innerwear from T-shirt to knitwear, and we recommend it as a short jacket that is good for everyone to enjoy classical music regardless of body shape or height.
We have two colors, a calm beige color and a sophisticated color charcoals.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total Length 58 cm / Shoulder Side 41 cm
Chest Side 54 cm / Sleeve Length 60 cm
Armhole 24 cm

wool 90% + nylpn 10%

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