Mont down jumper [2colors][5차 입고] 20%


[SALE : 139,000 -> 111,000]

- Voluminous down jumper with a hooded design
-High thermal insulation of 100% fan-down
-Soft and soft texture
- Enough stuffing to cover the body
- Silver butter cream color and black color

[Editor's note]
Let me introduce you to a jumper that creates a warm and lovely outfit with 100% duck-down filling.
The soft, soft Mont Down jumper features a shirring hood that is fitted with a voluminous and lovely silhouette, and when you wear the hood, the shirring details block the wind, giving you a warmer fit and lovely mood.
It is a well-made product with soft zippers and pocket details, and there are soft and soft butter cream colors and black colors that allow you to enjoy a neat and urban atmosphere.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 50 cm / Shoulder cross section 52 cm
Chest Side 54 cm / Sleeve Length 56 cm
Armhole 27 cm

duck down 100%

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Mont down jumper [2colors][5차 입고] 20% 기본 정보



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