Jane fur jacket [8차 입고] Out-of-stock


[In the Moment Exclusively]

-Vegan fur jacket with a vintage mood
-Brown color and outstanding pattern
- Directed without burden with just fit
-Clean hook lock
-Has pocket/lining

[Editor's note]
Introducing fur jackets with designs and colors that look like they were found in a vintage shop.
The Jane fur jacket, which reminds us of a French fashion image that matches denim and a basket bag, is an item that creates a more stylish mood with rich hair and colors that make use of the texture of the real fur pattern.
The fit is not overly oversized to minimize the part that could look sloppy, so it feels like it fits the body well when worn, and the lock is finished warmer and neater with a single hook under the neck.
It's light and high warmth, so it's good to match light knitwear, tee, or one-piece. Depending on the matching inner, the Jane fur jacket will be an outerwear you can wear from now until a cold spring day.

**Because it has the characteristics of high-density real wool, please avoid steam. If there are wrinkles, hang it on a hanger and lightly sweep it with your hand, or it will be restored to its original state naturally as it is worn, so please be aware of this point.
Also, please purchase by referring to the photo in the detailed description that describes the characteristics of the fur jacket.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total Length 59cm / Shoulder Section 41cm
Chest Section 56cm / Sleeve Length 56cm
armhole 24cm

poly 100%

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