Harry mohair coat [snow white] [10차 입고]


-Long coat with Balmacan design
-High quality mohair fabric
-Light weight and high warmth
- Calm silhouette that falls along the body
- Bright snow white color
-Long length and relaxed silhouette
-Ox horn button detail
- full lining
- Design with pockets

[Editor's note]
Introducing a three-dimensional and cozy mohair fabric and a bright warm white color coat that brightens up the face.
In the cold season when there are many dark clothes, it is an outerwear that can be worn more comfortably and comfortably. It is a product that allows you to feel a light and lovely mood with a classic navy color and other charms.
It is a hairy fabric with a high content of mohair, and the unique fabric with a three-dimensional effect stands out more stylishly when worn.
In addition, it is a product that will be a high quality and practical outerwear with light weight and high warmth without losing the coolness of the coat from the bitter winter cold.
Finished with luxurious cow horn buttons and a smooth lining, it's meticulously crafted down to the invisible part.
With a raglan shoulder line, it is recommended as a winter coat that can be stylishly styled regardless of body shape or height.
I hope you feel high quality and elegant mood with outstanding colors and unique materials.
In preparation for quality, as much as we have tried to introduce it at a reasonable price, it is a product that will be the only satisfactory coat.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 117cm / Raglan shoulder design
Chest Section 57cm / Sleeve Length About 53cm

70% wool + 25% mohair + 5% nylon

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Harry mohair coat [snow white] [10차 입고] 기본 정보



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