Harby cotton skirt [2colors]


-Long skirt with a classic design
- High-density cotton fabric
-Clean straight fit
- Stitch detail and clean sewing
-White/Black Two Colors
-S/M (Worn by Model S)

[Editor's note]
Let me introduce you to a long-length cotton skirt that will be an essential item in your closet.
The straight-fit silhouette and clean stitching are made with minimal detail and a basic design.
You can feel a high-quality product with button locks and stitches in the same color.
It's light and pleasant, but dense cotton fabric, so you can wear it comfortably during the change of seasons and until midsummer.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

S Total Length 86.5 cm / Waist Side 33 cm
Bottom Side 49 cm / Hem 60 cm
Total length M 87.5 cm / Waist 35 cm
Bottom Side 50 cm / Hem 61 cm

cotton 100%

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