Edam alpaca knit [2colors][2차 입고]


-Half sleeve alpaca knitwear
- Premium yarn with plenty of volume
-Stranger Square Neckline
-Sleeves of moderate length
-Two Colors of Ivory/Gray

[Editor's note]
You can use Kid Mowhair and Baby Alpaca yarn to enjoy a yarn.Let me introduce you to a half sleeve knit.
It's a product that stands out with a voluminous and bright colored yarn that brightens the face when worn.It is a knitwear that allows you to enjoy a lovely outfit without any burden that makes the neckline look deep.
The sleeves and length that cover the arms appropriately and come down below the waist make it easy to match with various bottoms such as pants and skirts.The volume is not too high, so you can style it with a coat or a loose jacket inner.
It comes in two colors: bright gray and warm ivory.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total Length 48 cm / Shoulder Side 34 cm
Chest Side 41 cm / Sleeve length 16 cm
36 cm hem

baby alpaca 32% + kid mohair 32% + wool 17% + nylon 19%

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Edam alpaca knit [2colors][2차 입고] 기본 정보



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