Corrie shearling jacket [2colors][2차 입고]


-Searing Jacket with Collaris Design
-Simple design and stitch details
-High warmth with searing and inner lining
-Wool blended fabric
- Easy layering with relaxed silhouette
-Drop shoulder for elegant silhouette
-Two Colors of Ivory/Black

**Please refer to the color of the outdoor shooting picture for ivory color.
It's a warm ivory color that doesn't turn red.

[Editor's note]
Let me introduce you to a searing jacket that has an elegant and concise silhouette and can be styled in a variety of ways.
In the fw season, it is a cararis-designed searing jacket that is most frequently visited in the moment, and it features a flexible silhouette made by a relaxed drop shoulder design.
It has a rich silhouette that is not excessive with moderate volume and high warmth, and has a relaxed fit and armhole width in consideration of knit layering for comfortable winter styling is possible.
In particular, the core searing jacket we are introducing this time features a calm beige color that highlights luxury, and has been carefully selected to match the innerwear of any tone such as ivory, black, and gray.
I recommend an outerwear that can be matched with light innerwear to cover from now on to the middle of winter in the bitter cold.
Two colors are available: black and ivory.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 58 cm / Shoulder cross section approximately 60 cm
Sleeve Length 49 cm / Armhole 27 cm

겉면 : Acrylic 50% + Wool 25% + Poly 25%
Interior: Poly 100%

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Corrie shearling jacket [2colors][2차 입고] 기본 정보



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