Road string pants [5차 Re-order]


-Pocket jogger pants with cargo pant design
- 2 way production with ankle string
-Sturdy cotton fabric with a sense of weight
- Relaxed silhouette
-Ivory color with low chroma

[Editor's note]
Introducing the jogger pants made of solid and sturdy cotton fabric.
When worn, it is a product that allows you to enjoy a luxurious silhouette with pocket details that make your presence felt and heavy cotton fabric that does not collapse in shape.
The design, which can look casual with calm colors and relaxed silhouette, is set in a more basic and classic mood, and it is meticulously finished down to the smallest details with a high-quality process.
With a relaxed rise length and adjustable details, it is widely recommended to everyone regardless of height or body shape.

Total length 97cm / Waist section (banding) 35cm
Hip Section 55cm / Thigh Section 32cm
rise 34 cm

cotton 100%

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