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-Modern design cotton jumpsuit
-Light and soft cotton/span blend material
-Front pleats and back pocket details
-The rear view of the U-Fim that enhances the feminine silhouette
- Design with pockets
-Comfortable point of the ankle band
-One color of black with a chic charm

[Editor's note]
Introducing a cotton jumpsuit with a modern design and comfortable materials.
It is a product that is soft and light as if you are not wearing it.
The pleated details on the front and the details on the back are also given with pockets and dimples, so you can feel a stylish mood from any direction, and the calmly falling material creates a body line so as not to look bulky.
In addition, the ankles are tightened with banding so that they can be worn in a wide range according to the body type of all people regardless of height.
It is possible to create a stylish outfit alone, and in the coming season, it is recommended as a good item to produce as an inner for a cardigan or jacket.
There is one black color that you can feel the chic style the most.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 130cm / Shoulder cross section 32cm
Chest cross section 44cm / Armhole 21cm
Hip section 51 cm

95% cotton + 5% span

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