Quilted hoody jumper [ivory][8차 입고] Out-of-stock


-Quilted jumper with big hood design
-Light and soft textured fabric and filling
-Detachable belt with pocket details
- Button-down design
-Meticulously quilted sewing
- Warm ivory and black 2 colors

[Editor's note]
Introducing a quilted jumper that is cozy and light to wear.
With a relaxed silhouette and a large hooded design, it is a cozy and stylish item to wear, and it is a good outerwear to match from a light T-shirt to a thick knit.
Both the inner and outer skins are soft and matte to the touch, so you can enjoy them more comfortably without feeling cold.
Depending on the style, it is possible to produce two styles of outerwear using a belt at the waist, and it can be worn in a slimmer silhouette when tied at the waist.
The meticulous quilting line, as well as the neatly finished bar along the edge, is a well-made product.
Two colors are available, ivory and black.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 72cm / Shoulder cross section 47cm
Bust cross section 52cm / Sleeve length 55cm
Armhole width 26cm

all polyester 100%

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Quilted hoody jumper [ivory][8차 입고] 기본 정보



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