Palm vest [2colors]


-Best top that can be used in front/back & both sides
-Volume and unique ambo fabric
- Lining is made of strong cotton fabric
- Lovely ribbon detail
- Hem design that can be cut with a string
- Create various styles according to layering
-Cream/Black 2 colors

[Editor's Note]
It is the best that you can feel the lovely mood with voluminous ambo fabric.
It is a highly versatile product that can be worn as a sleeveless top or best, and is designed to be worn both front and back and on both sides.
It is a product that stands out when worn with a lovely ribbon detail and fabric added to a simple color. It can be easily matched with a skirt of other materials or with various bottoms such as denim as well as a set-up with a skirt.
It is recommended as an item that can be produced lovely and luxuriously as a weekend or vacation item.
With a generous size, it is easy to match the inner.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 43.5cm / Shoulder cross section 24cm
Chest cross section 45cm / Armhole 22cm

65% cotton + 35% nylon + 5% span

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