Palm skirt [2colors]


-Skirt made of three-dimensional ambo fabric
- Midi length H-line silhouette
-Low waist with a relaxed waistline
- Soft and stretchy fabric
- Rear zip closure and slit detail
- Overall lining
-Cream and black two colors

[Editor's Note]
It is a skirt with a three-dimensional texture with a unique wrinkle fabric.
It is a simple, no-frills H-line skirt that can stand out from the fabric. It is light and stretchy, so you can wear it comfortably without feeling tired.
It is an item that fits the mood of the Industrial Moment, which prefers a unique fabric feel rather than color or excessive detail. It can be matched with a Pomona top as a setup, or it can be styled with a light T-shirt or sleeveless alone. .
The loose waist section is designed with a low waist, and you can wear it up or down depending on your preference. Due to the nature of the stretchy fabric, it is recommended for all people regardless of size.
It is available in two colors: cream and black.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 79cm / Waist section 35cm
hip section 43 cm

cotton 60% + nylon 35% + span 5%

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