Moss hairy pants [2colors]


- Hairy fabric banding pants
-Light weight and high warmth
-Relax & wide fit
-Side/back pocket detail
- Create a slim silhouette with the seam position
- Concise and waist banding detail
-Two colors of melange gray/beige

[Editor's note]
Introducing pants that can be worn comfortably and cozily using soft and hairy fabric that goes well with the season.
It is a fabric with a warm texture that stands out as if it were made of wool, and can be styled with various knitwear and outerwear in the winter season when you can enjoy various textures.
Although it has a comfortable design, the unique atmosphere of the material is not awkward even with a well-equipped outerwear, and if you lightly match it with knitwear, you can feel the atmosphere of easy pajama wear.
It's not long, so it's a good item to match with various shoes without burden, and it's available in two colors: beige and melange gray.

**If the material gets clumpy after wearing it for a long time or washing it, iron it in one direction using steam or insert a brush into the steam head and iron it like a sweeping iron to make it look like new clothes for a long time.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 97cm / Waist section 32cm
Hip Section 54cm / Thigh Section 33cm
Hem 28.5cm / Rise 34cm

92% acrylic + 8% wool

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