Marco sweater [3colors][11차 입고] Out-of-stock


- Light cotton blended sweater
- Design with loose silhouette
- Soft fabric that touches the skin
- Natural edge finish
- 3 colors: white/beige/black

[Editor's note]
Let me introduce you to a cotton mixed sweater that can be styled widely from the change of seasons to early summer.
Knitwear that makes you want to create a lovely spring mood with shorts in the cool breeze season.It is a product that can be used not only alone with pants and skirts, but also as an innerwear with a relaxed outerwear such as a trench coat because it does not feel bulky.
The cotton and acrylic blended yarn feels comfortable and soft.
The loose neckline, voluminous sleeve silhouette, and naturally rolled hem make the silhouette look nice.
White, black and beige are all available in basic colors.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 59cm / Shoulder section 54cm
Chest Side 52 cm / Sleeve 45 cm
Armhole 22cm.

cotton 50% + acrylic 50%

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