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** Please refer to the outdoor (outdoor) cut for the actual color and texture of the product.

-Coat with wide collar design
-High warmth of camel (camel) mixed fabric
- warm butter color
-Rounding sleeve silhouette
-stitch details
- cow horn button
-Different linings on sleeves and bodice

[Editor's note]
The Luke coat is a single coat with a wide collar. It is a product with a design that allows you to feel the elegant openness of a shawl collar and the mood of a classic collar at the same time.
The shape of the collar, which is wide but does not spread and is firmly fixed, is characterized by creating a stylish mood like an accessory without any special decoration, and stitch details along the collar and front seam add more luxury. The sleeves, which are fitted with a slightly rounded silhouette, are designed to make the silhouette of the winter season more feminine, which can look dull.
Also, in the case of fabric that you want to emphasize, a small amount of camel (camel) hair, known as the warmest material on earth, is used in combination with compressed wool to provide high warmth.
In order to minimize the stiff texture unique to camel, a small amount of mixture is used to maintain warmth while maintaining a soft fit. It is a natural butter color that brightens the face when worn.

The inner lining is made of two different materials, the sleeves are made of smooth acrylic material for easy putting on and taking off, and the body is finished with cotton material to minimize static electricity.
Use the wide collar to create the elegant mood of the coat itself, or set the collar up and tie the muffler to complete a more classic and stylish winter mood.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total Length 116.5cm / Shoulder Section 48cm
Chest Section 54cm / Sleeve Length 59cm
armhole 24cm

*FABRIC wool 80% + camel 10% + nylon 10%

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