Joshua half sweater [2colors][Ivory 3차 입고]


-Half knit of voluminous alpaca yarn
- Luxurious texture with outstanding hair
- Cheerful cropped length
- Relaxed half sleeve and lip weave finish
-Ivory/Orange 2 colors

[Editor's note]
Introducing half-sleeve knit with a light fit and warm warmth with voluminous and cozy alpaca yarn.
As can be seen from the mixing ratio of the yarn, it is a product made of high-quality yarn blended with alpaca, mohair, and wool. It is a product with a three-dimensional material and a light cropped silhouette that creates a lovely mood.

The cropped length that is not excessive expresses the three-dimensional effect of the material better, and the relaxed sleeves and details finished with a light weave create a more voluminous silhouette.
When matched with pants or skirts, it directs the leg line to look slimmer and longer, and it is an item that can be worn lightly as an inner trench coat or jacket.
A bright and warm ivory color and an orange color that will be a calm but strong point are prepared.

Total Length 43cm / Shoulder Section 41cm
Chest Section 43cm / Sleeve Length 20cm
armhole 23cm

32% mohair + 32% alpaca + 17% wool + 19% nylon

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Joshua half sweater [2colors][Ivory 3차 입고] 기본 정보



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