Jason trench coat [only IN THE MOMENT]


[In the moment alone]

- A classic trench coat
-Double bust design
-Bright and low saturation beige color
- Straight silhouette
-Detail of buttons on sleeves
-Internal lining

[Editor's note]
It is a trench coat with a neat design that is faithful to the basics.
It is a product with a solid cotton fabric and an overall inner lining that does not disturb the silhouette and even has a warm warmth.
Dry cotton fabric without gloss makes natural and bright beige color stand out, and it is a color that can be enjoyed regardless of skin tone.
The two buttons on the sleeve are detailed, and the finely tightened sleeve line creates a luxurious atmosphere.
The overall lining of the interior is a product that can be used as a practical outerwear in volatile spring weather with a smooth and comfortable fit and warm warmth.

Total length 120cm / Shoulder cross section 47cm
Chest section 52 cm / Sleeve length 59 cm
Armhole 29cm.

cotton 63% + nylon 27%

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