Hook half knit [2colors]


- Unique patterned knit top
-Neckline design with feminine ring detail
- Natural finish sleeves and hem
- Pleasant and durable poly yarn
-Slightly cropped length
-Cream/Brown 2 colors

[Editor's Note]
Introducing a half-sleeve style knit top.
With a voluminous knit pattern and a collar detail on the neckline, it is a feminine and cute product.
When worn with a comfortable and durable yarn, the shape is maintained without being disturbed, and it is finished more stylishly with the naturally rolling sleeves and hem finish.
Lightly match it with pants and skirts, or use it as an inner for a jacket or shirt.
Two colors are available, cream and brown.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 47cm / Shoulder cross section 32cm
Chest cross section 36cm / Sleeve length 20cm
Armhole 21cm

100% poly

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