Cotton flared dress [ivory]


- Cotton dress with wide flared hem
- Three-dimensional silhouette by adding seams
- Create a feminine mood with a wrist line that connects from the free armhole to a narrower upper body silhouette & slim upper body silhouette
- Light and smooth 100% cotton fabric
- Sewing with neat perfection
-Ivory/Black 2 colors

[Editor's Note]
It is a dress that can feel a dramatic mood with a silhouette of a mermaid pattern with comfort made of comfortable cotton fabric.
Unlike the usual single seam on the side of the waist, it is a three-dimensional silhouette with a double seam added, and the sleeve part also follows the armhole with ample space and narrows as it comes to the wrist, making the body line look more feminine.

By adding a unique silhouette to a comfortable and simple cotton dress, you can feel a unique style without being flat.
It is recommended as an item that can be worn alone with a light bag, as well as as an inner for outerwear such as trench coats, cardigans, and jackets.

162cm/S~M size/240mm

Total length 117cm / Shoulder section 41cm
Chest cross section 46cm / Sleeve length 66.5cm
Armhole cross section 25.5cm / hem 128cm

100% cotton

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