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 Notice of overseas purchase


Thank you for using the our web site.


The pricing of overseas purchases is subject to the additional cost of EMS that will be incurred in addition to the basic shipping cost per country.


Overseas delivery is non-exchangeable and refundable and refundable only if the product is out of stock.

For further questions, please contact the Q&A.


Thank you.




 Regarding overseas purchasing procedures


Global site is not fully translated into English. Please contact Q&A for any questions you may encounter while purchasing.

(Q&A on global sites may take a little longer to consult)



1. Select the product you want to purchase, then click [Buy Now]

2. [주문자 정보] means the information of the customer who receives the product.

3. Enter all [주문자 정보] and select the same as billing address at the bottom.

4. When the order information is automatically entered, select [Yes] in the Shipping Info Statement.

5. Select the BANK icon for cash payment or PAYPAL icon for card payment.

6. The order amount is charged for product prices, country-specific shipping costs, and EMS insurance.

7. Finally, click the [결제하기] button in the black box to complete the order.




 Overseas delivery period


Overseas orders are expected to allow you to consider the delivery period and may take a little longer if the product is delayed.

Please contact Q&A bulletin for any shipping questions.

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